Tyson Baillie

Darren Walker

Baillie is an energetic center who shows good hockey sense, grit and skill that makes him hard to play against. He is a character player who understands how to be successful at both ends of the ice. His hockey sense is above average. A small, sturdy center, Baillie impressed with how solid his puck-support abilities were. He is always around the puck and shows good anticipation of the play throughout. Baillie shows excellent strength on the puck for a guy his size. He knows how to win battles using quickness and smarts. He consistently shows good transitional skills, coming back down low to scoop up a loose puck and then instinctively turning it up ice. Thinks the game well, processes plays quickly and has the hands and poise to make plays. Positionally sound throughout the game. Good understanding of the play in front of him and plays his role well. Skates fairly well. Swings his arms a lot, but he has good energy in his step and had no problem fighting off bigger competition to gain position. His stride is short and he gets as much as he can out of every step, but I didn’t see it improving enough to be successful at the next level. (May 2014)