Tyler Toffoli

Aaron Vickers

A skilled forward with good quickness and elusiveness that can both finish and set-up plays. Is constantly looking to contribute offensively and has the vision, offensive instincts and creativity to do so at the pro level. Has a very good shot and a extremely quick release that catches many goalies off guard. Hands are soft and can handle the puck very well. Scores many goals from just on top of the hashmarks but also has the willingness to take it to the net and look for rebound goals. Skating or at least willingness to keep his feet moving is an area that needs addressing as he far to often looks slow and glides too much around the ice. Consistency in effort level is another area that scouts would like to see improve dramatically. Defensively is noncommittal and not aggressive enough as in many instances he leaves his defensive mark untouched and dangerously active in his own zone. Size and strength is also just average. (May 2010)