Tyler Soy

Aaron Vickers

Soy is silky and skilled in the offensive zone; however, he does have some glaring red flags in his overall game. Soy is most effective when he has the puck on his stick. He is a smart puck handler and finds ways to move into dangerous areas. He has a knack for creating separation and recognizes soft spots to buy himself time. Soy is a talented playmaker, a natural pass-first type of player who gets his head up immediately after receiving the puck and looks to move the puck to open teammates. He has good touch on his passes and creates openings to find teammates. Soy has a decent shot, more accurate than hard; however, he lacks an attack the net mindset. While he is a good passer, too often he defers when he should shoot. One of our biggest concerns with Soy is that he seems to lack intensity on the ice. Too often he is a spectator and he seems unwillingly to battle to gain possession. Some of his limited effectiveness is due to his lack of size and strength. That being said, he needs to show more effort and grit at both ends of the ice. He has some undeniable offensive tools, but we are not convinced he has the mentality required to succeed at the NHL level where those battles for pucks are even fiercer. (May 2015)