Tyler Motte

Aaron Vickers

Motte is a high-energy forward with some offensive punch. He’s an excellent role player with some — but limited — offensive ability. He skates real well, which makes him great on the forecheck and allows him to backcheck well too. He is a battler who plays with a high level of intensity. He is always hustling and has a high compete level. He’s a good complementary player who will not generate much offense on his own but can cash in when put with a skilled linemate. He plays much bigger than his size would indicate and is a relentless ball of energy; hard to play against because of his water bug nature. He brings the puck down the wing with speed and then cuts to the net unafraid of getting his nose dirty. A menace on the PK and deftly trying to pick the pocket of the puck carrier on the backcheck. He is a physical player for his size, but not in the sense of laying down big hits. He is more of a gritty battler type physical player. He is a smart hockey player. He is real good defensively. He had an up and down season this year but has some solid professional upside. (May 2013)