Tyler Jutting

Aaron Vickers

Jutting is a mobile, smart, defensive-minded defenseman. He has quick feet and agility,
allowing him to escape pressure in the defensive zone. He has great composure with the puck,
never rushing a decision or forcing anything into danger. In the defensive zone, he shows great
gap control and handles rushing forwards with ease. His stick work makes it almost impossible
for the forwards to successfully carry the puck into the zone on his side of the ice. His stick is
quick and he is very sneaky about it, never really tipping his hand too early and giving them
time to adjust. We love the way he steps up in all three zones. While he is comfortable being
the aggressive partner and taking the lead, he is also willing to be the more reserved defenseman
in the pair, if required. Just a solid overall defenseman. He will and can recognize when to
cover for his partner and has the speed to do it easily. He is also always open for an outlet on
the breakout. We do not see much offensive upside from him, but the strength he does have, if
continued to cultivate, will take him far. He needs to work on his shot release as it takes a real
long time for him to get the puck off his stick. Despite his limited offensive upside, we feel he has
some value in the mid-to-late rounds for a team looking for defensive depth.  (May 2015)