Tyler Jette

Aaron Vickers

With a pro frame, Jette was the most intriguing NHL draft-eligible prospect in all of high school hockey this year. Playing on a lesser team, there was a lot asked of him. And to lead Farmington to a surprising state tournament appearance is a heck of an accomplishment. He is a solid all-around defenseman who has pro upside, though it is doubtful he will become a game-breaking type of guy. He moves very well for his size. He stops and starts, and changes directions effortlessly. The only concern we have in his mobility is with his backward crossovers. Jette quarterbacks the power play and is able to find seams very well with his vision and mobility. He is, however, a bit too conservative and needs to shoot the puck himself more often. He is a defensive-minded defenseman with good size who rarely makes mistakes and has good instincts. He shows excellent split-second decision-making to leave his spot on the offensive blue line to pinch into the zone and knock the puck back into the zone, or to jump in for a scoring chance on the power play. In the defensive end, he uses his big frame to separate the opposition from the puck as well as angle off forecheckers along the wall while shielding the puck and skating it out of his zone. He will throw his body around, but does not go running around to do so. He is still uncommitted from an NCAA standpoint.   (May 2016)