Tyler Benson

Darren Walker

Benson is a strong, pro-style player who plays a sound, two-way, reliable game. He has a strong lower half that allows him to generate healthy amounts of speed. He is very sound in the fundamental areas of the game that require a mix of power and agility. He is a confident puck carrier and efficient distributor of the biscuit. Benson’s shot is hard and quick, and really effective down low. He has some definite flair and quickness in his hands that he uses to fool his opponents, although he favors the no-nonsense north-south power game that keeps the pressure cooker cranked up on opponents. He has a good motor, and is a competitor who wants the puck on his stick and knows what to do when he gets it. He loves to be “the guy,” but he is not all that electrifying and doesn’t make many plays in the offensive zone that pull fans to the edge of their seats. He has a strong drive and can quickly find his teammates, dishing off before going to the crease. Benson is strong in the offensive zone without the puck, disrupting puck movement and getting physical in battles for position. On the forecheck, he gets a bead on the defenseman with the puck and hits him hard to separate him from the puck before getting it in around the slot for a chance. Benson is a very good defensive player who always seems to be in the right spot and on top of his man with the puck. He backchecks hard and has a good idea of what lanes he needs to be in. He uses his stick well and commonly has a good angle on his man so that he can deliver a solid hit.   (May 2016)