Ty Rattie

Aaron Vickers

A slippery offensively creative playmaker. Skates well but lacks that extra gear, in- stead uses quick darting moments, change of pace and lateral shifts to keep defenders on their heels. Has some of the best hands in the draft as he can make plays and stickhandle in a shoe box. Very creative with the puck and can really burn defenders who get caught watching the puck. Draws defenders to himself before dishing a soft pass to an open teammate at the last second. Has an accurate shot but is a pass rst winger. Sees the ice very well and finds openings in defenses and exploits them. Plays the game with a feisty and agitating style trying to get under the oppositions skin. Defensively, he has improved much from his play of a year ago as now he give a concerned effort. (May 2011)