Troy Terry

Aaron Vickers

A smaller but highly skilled forward. The University of Denver commit uses his smaller stature to his advantage by squeezing through tight quarters easily. Shows off his high-end puck skills as he dekes his way through defenders on his way to the net. The puck sticks to his stick like glue. He mixes an up-tempo game with a nice set of offensive skills. He is very hard on the puck and tenacious in his puck pursuit. He never gives up on a puck battle and knows what to do with it when he wins the battle. On his shot, he does not have the quickest release, but when he gets it off, it has wicked velocity for someone his size. Very accurate and a real weapon anywhere he has an angle. He is patient with the puck and real deliberate with his drives to the net or passes to his teammates. He makes strong drives to the net and tries to stick around until the job is done, but is not always successful. Has a real lack of functional strength as he is easily bumped off in the corner and eliminated in puck battles. Will need to hit the weight room at Denver and build up his leg strength and core. He is also a top-notch passer with creative hands, and ability to carry the puck effectively while looking to distribute. He can score goals and is solid on the doorstep with his quickness, but he’s as inconsistent as they come. Was kind of insulated this year on the U18 NTDP team, but showed enough potential to warrant a pick. (May 2015)