Tristan Jarry

Darren Walker

Jarry is con dent and athletic puck-stopper, yet unorthodox goalie that relies a lot on his re exes. He shows good size, and is covers the net well. He has good mobility and footwork in the crease as he moves quickly within the crease as well as out to challenge shooters. He has some technical work to do but does have exceptional re exes and much potential. He swallows pucks with good rebound control and is always in the ready position with good glove position and keeping his head on a swivel monitoring traffic. He tracks the puck movement well, has good concentration in game action, competes and battles in his crease and is poised, rarely getting rattled. He plays his angles well, doesn’t give you much room and he squares up to the shooter. Jarry has a quick glove hand and is con dent with the puck on his stick, either handling it or setting it up for his D-men. He did not get the playing time a draft eligible would want but made the most of his limited opportunities. (May 2013)