Travis Sanheim

Aaron Vickers

A big, two-way defenseman. Pretty solid skater, but when his legs get chugging, he can look a little lanky and clumsy. When he is in top gear, he moves pretty smoothly and somehow finds a way to maneuver around guys. Doesn’t always look pretty, but he gets the job done. In his own zone, he maintains a pretty strong position while doing a good job boxing out opponents. Rubs guys out and uses his frame to control ice, but by no means is he a bruiser and we don’t think he ever will be. Can get a little out of position chasing the puck around in the neutral and offensive zones. Would like to see him settle down a bit and limit the number of times he pinches and tries to step up on offensive chances. A good, accurate passer, but at times struggles with pucks in his feet and getting it off under pressure. Has an accurate shot as well, but lacks high-end velocity and his release isn’t the quickest. Picks good spots to shoot and pass while on the power play. Hockey sense is pretty good, making nice reads while mixing patience with up-tempo puck movement. Does a good job of recognizing the oncoming forecheck and carrying the puck into the zone if given the space to do so. Sanheim is a good all-round player. Has a lot of upside as a big defenseman who can play in any role. (May 2014)