Travis Konecny

Darren Walker

Konecny is a hardworking, skilled forward who constantly strives to make something
happen on the ice. His feet are always churning and he generates very strong levels of speed and explosiveness from his feet. His lateral mobility, first step burst and edge work are all at the NHL level.
Has the ability to gain near unstoppable speed in transition. It is reminiscent of Ovechkin as he circles
into his zone and absolutely explodes up the wing with and without the puck. Konecny shows off
his high-end offensive ability as he goes to the soft spots around the net and looks for passes so
he can wire home a quick one-timer or quick release wrist shot. He displays a sweet set of hands
to completely undress defenders or a goaltender and the confidence to be creative in tight. Has
high-end vision and hockey sense to make the right decisions and pick apart lanes on the rush.
Konecny has the ability to make plays at such a fast pace, with no need to slow down, as he
fools opponents when they least expect it. Uses every edge of his skates as he drives up ice
and cuts to different areas; is a high-flying offensive player who creates offense off the rush
and deep in the zone. What he lacks in size, he makes up for in smart play, determination and
dangerous speed. He carries speed with him up ice and can change pace in no time, often
kicking it up a notch within a stride or two. Konecny seems to always make a perfect pass–
his decision-making and execution are done like a pro. Opens himself for a pass and gets
into all kinds of lanes to give a variety of options. Relentless forechecker who cuts passing
lanes to create turnovers right onto his stick. He strongly desires to make an impact
physically and will recklessly throw his entire body at the opposition regardless of their
size. While not very big he can deliver a monstrous check on the opposition that turns
the momentum. Everything he does is with an eye on making an impact. Not afraid to
stand up for himself and teammates after whistles. He is a true captain and the undisputed
leader of any team he plays on as well as his current club, the Ottawa 67’s.  (May 2015)