Travis Dermott

Aaron Vickers

Dermott is an intelligent two-way blueliner. He is a fluid skater who has strong legs and generates
power with every stride he takes. He is great on his feet in transition and can get up to
speed quickly while carrying the puck with confidence. He maintains possession at top speed
and controls the puck extremely well. He makes superb plays with the puck: both simple and
effective to get the puck up ice and create scoring opportunities. He sees the ice in front of him,
giving him the ability to see lanes and make smart, sharp passes both short- and long-range.
His best asset is his hockey sense and smarts; he always seems to make the right play whether
on the breakout or in his own zone. He has a cannon of a shot and can really blast it through
traffic on goal. He exudes confidence, patience and creativity. Plays his man hard and uses his
body to separate the puck. He will step up for an open ice hit if he sees the time and the need
for it but is not an overly physical player on a consistent basis. He brings confident energy to
the back end that his teammates seem to feed off of. Defensively, he plays his man hard and
blocks shooting/passing lanes that come available while forcing attackers to turn over the puck.  (May 2015)