Travis Barron

Aaron Vickers

Barron is a gritty, two-way winger who is not afraid to do the heavy lifting on a scoring line. He’s not the most efficient skater as he holds his stick with two hands and practically rows his arm as he tries to hit top speed. He does generate some decent speed, but he could use another gear and better jump to get away from his check and to create some space on the rush. Barron takes his time with the puck and can dish soft passes, hitting his man with a leading pass with great timing. He shows that he can receive a pass at high speed in the neutral zone and continue on without losing his speed. He shows some skill with a quick little handle of the puck to pull it in and release a shot on net, maintaining solid accuracy and velocity on his shot in full flight. He loves to unload one-timers while in movement, though he can be hit or miss (pun intended). Barron battles hard for chances and will get his nose dirty around the doorstep of the opposition’s net as he looks to bang home a rebound. He applies good back pressure in the neutral zone to strip opponents of the puck and turn it back into the offensive zone. Barron shows a strong physical element, finishing his checks in the neutral zone and all across the ice, working hard and making his presence known. Consistency has been an arguing point with Barron as some feel he does not compete consistently enough from shift to shift.  (May 2016)