Tommy Miller

Aaron Vickers

Miller is a long and rangy defender with good skating ability, more notable for his shutdown ability than his offensive instincts, but he’s no slouch with the puck and was one of USA’s top two-way defenders all this season. He has smooth, long strides that generates impressive speed but needs to improve his initial quickness. He has a long stride and upright skating style, but he has a strong lower half and good top speed once he is able to get moving. He has good positioning in his own zone, using his long reach to wrap himself around forwards and force them towards the outside of the zone. He’s also quite physical due to his size, and isn’t afraid to use it to finish his checks along the boards. He’s effective in front of the net in boxing out opponents and using his size to keep his goaltender’s crease clear. He is also a talented puck handler and showcases smooth hands and decent decision-making with possession. He’s pretty good at moving the puck from his own zone, preferring to keep his passes short and simple. He jumps into the offense very well and makes excellent reads to join a rush. He’ll carry the puck up the ice, move it to a wing and then drive the net. He keeps pucks alive at the point and is a reliable defenseman in the offensive zone. Mature game. He keeps the middle of the ice closed, and logs a lot of key minutes. Special teams player as well. A big and physical defender with some talent, Miller has impressive pro potential.