Tomas Vomacka

Aaron Vickers

A high-energy mobile puck stopper…has the measurables that NHL crave and brings the energy, personality that fans just love to cheer for…has long legs and uses them to seal off the lower potion of his net…has long limbs and a tall frame that allows him to cover the upper portions as well…has big save mentality believing he will make the save that counts…full of confidence…has exceptional footwork, and moves across the crease very efficiently…battles through traffic, and uses every bit of his frame and strength to move people from his crease and keep the puck out…challenges shooters by coming out aggressively…squares up to the shooter and is fundamentally sound…very flexible and can stretch to make very athletic and nimble saves…the kid seems to be in solid position and have a good head on his shoulders but could improve his rebound control and hand position…has the potential to develop into a solid NHL puck stopper after a few years of development. (November 2016)