Tobias Tornkvist

Aaron Vickers

A big body who plays the game hard. Not your typical Swedish type forward. Skates rather well and also has decent hands to make for an interesting package of size and skill. More importantly, a hard-working “go all out for his team” guy which makes him a tough opponent to stop every night. Big, powerful forward coming in from the wing and going hard, crashing the net. Not afraid of getting his nose dirty and banging, be it the net or the opposing defensemen along the wall. Has some power behind his shot and strong enough vision to make timely passes. Very high PIMs numbers, mostly because of a few game misconducts following fisticuffs and coincidental roughing calls. His aggressive style will put his team on the penalty kill at times because he is still a little bit rough around the edges and can cross that line. Always gives a good effort and with added strength he could become an effective two-way option. (May 2012)