Timo Meier

Aaron Vickers

Meier makes good decisions with and without the puck and plays his position very
well. His line dominated in the offensive zone all season and was leaned on quite a bit in Halifax this
season. We like Meier’s strength. He has a very hard, pro-ready shot, a long reach and isn’t afraid to
go to the dirty areas. Meier has a hop in his step and has good, quick acceleration that allows him to
scoot past defenders and beat them to pucks. Skating is a tad choppy at full speed but he is well balanced
and has above average mobility. Good quick release on his wrist shots, often fooling goalies
due to the speed on the release as he forces them to make a save. He’s a high-flying winger who
exudes confidence with the puck, possessing quick hands and the ability to stickhandle in tight
quarters. Passes are so smooth they look to be going in slow motion. Meier sees passing lanes
well and adjusts his positioning to hit them with perfection. Good on zone entries as he looks for
options with speed or slows up to a stop inside the blue line to move the puck. He will grind it
out in the corner to retrieve the puck and seems to always want possession, thriving when he
is in control of the game. Has the instinct to know when his teammate is going to get a shot
off, and reacts by driving to the net to get any possible rebound. Will take a hit to make a play
and uses his strength effectively on the wall. Separates himself from opponents with his
burst and his size, but isn’t one to lay a huge hit on the wall or in open ice. Makes the right
decisions in the offensive zone, even when being extremely pressured; does this with
poise and patience as he dishes the puck or protects it until he creates an option or one
presents itself. Absolutely a guy who was trending upwards as the season progressed.  (May 2015)