Tim Soderlund

Aaron Vickers

Soderlund is a small center with speed, drive, quick hands and a hard wrist shot. He likes to shoot the puck and often uses his one-timer that is very accurate and hard. He uses his quick feet and all of his 165 pounds to protect the puck to the best of his abilities. He uses his puck skills to deke out opponents, as well as to protect the puck along the wall. He doesn’t shy away from working the boards, and does it with a lot of energy, even if his size doesn’t give him the best opportunities to do so. Soderlund has good hands that make him very useful on the power play, both as a passer and a shooter. He has solid vision that he often uses to find his teammates without telegraphing his intentions. Because of his size, he is not a very physical player. Soderlund needs to keep his feet moving when he’s without the puck, and give his teammates better options when set up in the zone. His speed, first-step acceleration and quick agility while possessing the puck at high speed makes him dangerous anywhere in the offensive zone. Soderlund leaves much to be desired defensively as he does not currently play a well-rounded game. Instead of playing hard all the time, he often comes back late with the play and shows his focus is more on his offensive game. He will need to work out some consistency issues in his game, add some much-needed strength and likely make the move to the wing if he hopes to make it to the NHL one day.   (May 2016)