Thomas Schemitsch

Aaron Vickers

A big bodied defender who has some strong offensive upside. For a big guy, Schemitsch is a smooth, fluid skater who can keep up to forwards at this level. He could improve his foot speed and agility, but his skating is in no way a debilitating weakness. He isn’t afraid to join the rush or get involved offensively. He moves around the zone effectively without the puck, trying to put himself into prime scoring areas. The big blueliner possesses a hard, low shot that is perfect for deflections and rebound attempts. Even though Schemitsch is very offensively involved, he isn’t one dimensional by any means, and plays an effective shut down role when the time arises. He plays very solid defensively as he uses his long reach and physical presence to be very dif cult to play against. He has a very active stick, and rarely gives up on a play or loose puck. He is strong on the penalty kill as he uses his smarts and reach to disrupt passing lanes and his size to protect the crease. Would like to see more of a physical side as he has the size but not the temperament. Overall plays a steady and consistent game full of strong reads and consistently accurate outlets. (May 2015)