Thomas Chabot

Darren Walker

Chabot is a smooth skating defenseman who sees the ice well and distributes the
puck with ease. Has a smooth but very powerful stride. His stride generates healthy amounts of speed
and good lateral agility. He is ultra-creative in his passing game and displays a confidence in moving
the puck and unloading shots when lanes become available. Has a heavy shot from the point. On
the powerplay he will drive down deep into the offensive zone to keep offensive pressure and also
slide down deep into the slot from the point to create another shooting option for his linemates. On
the breakout he reads the ice in front of him very well as he scopes out his options and hits his
man with perfect, well-timed passes. Chabot controls the puck with good patience and poise. He
has a real knack offensively and has the confidence and skills to carry the puck end-to-end and
make high risk passes out of the zone or in transition. Defensively, he plays the gap well as he
forces the attacker to make the first move; he follows up by playing the man hard into the wall
or utilizes his exceptional stick use and positioning to break up the attack on the outside of the
ice. Hard to get around one-on-one with great backward skating and long reach. Good positioning
defensively in his zone. Impressed some NHL teams with his ability to make creative
breakout passes and strong vision at the U18’s in April. A guy who is still developing and
could really become a homerun pick after a few seasons of further growth.  (May 2015)