Thatcher Demko

Darren Walker

Demko is a big, toolsy goaltender with impressive upside. He shows poise with guys in front of him for screens and typically does well on breakaways. He challenges the shooter to make the first move. In traffic, he tracks the puck very well. If he can see the puck, he will usually stop it. He does a nice job of challenging the shot, while not giving away the lateral play. Demko knows how to walk the line between challenging and over-committing. He is a big goalie and naturally takes up a
lot of the net, playing his angles and using his big body very well. He has long legs and takes up a
ton of the net low. His great athleticism and flexibility for a big goalie also helps him make saves he really has no business making. Being tall not only gives Demko great lower-body stretch, but he
also has a nice wingspan and shows the ability to use both glove and blocker effectively. While
not everything is always caught cleanly, his glove and blocker are typically in the right position
to make the initial save. Demko follows the puck to either side and shows the consistent ability
to get every shot off his blocker side to the corner. He does a great job moving laterally, even
when he is down on the ice. When he is down in the butter y, he is never really out of position for too long because of the strength in his lower body and powerful push to get back
to where he needs to be. He likes to play the puck with mixed results, but is best when he
simply comes out, stops the puck or lays a short-range breakout or two. His mental game
is usually an asset for him as well. He is extremely mature and was a great leader for that
team, even as a freshman. (May 2014)