Taylor Doherty

Aaron Vickers

Not often do defenders come along with the size that this kid has…his aggressive style compliments it so well…he is mobile and with a wingspan of a 747…he can absolutely crush an opponent with a hit…he clears the crease effectively and will stand up for a teammate or himself and drop the gloves…he is strong and good at angling attackers to the outside…gets his big body in front of shooting lanes…is at his best when he keeps things simple. Hockey sense and smarts with the puck are glaring holes…he passes up opportunities to make the opposition pay the price along the wall instead content with striping the puck and moving it…his recovery speed is non-existent…lack of confidence this season has caused his game to regress somewhat…does not read the developing play well instead playing mostly a reactionary game…his vision on the ice is limited. (May 2009)