Tanner Pearson

Aaron Vickers

The twice passed over offensive forward has really opened eyes this season. His skating is slightly above average with good balance but will need more improvement in the acceleration aspect. He is a smart forward who understands the game, where he needs to be and what he needs to do to make an impact. He shows strong positional play and a willingness to battle for time and space. He plays both sides of the puck well. He uses what size he has to battle for space and pucks. He has nice vision and playmaking ability. He has a hard shot and will drive the crease with or without the puck, looking for any opportunity. He might not have as much offensive creativity as some of the higher ranked prospects in this draft but he does have solid hockey sense and on-ice awareness. His breakout year really put his name on the map and teams like that he is a NHL-ready prospect. (May 2012)