Tanner MacMaster

Darren Walker

A smaller forward, MacMaster relies on his high-level hockey sense and quick decision-making skills to control the game. His anticipation and awareness are so much better than anyone else’s on the ice. Despite his lack of strength, he does well in the corners, weaving in and out of pressure and controlling the puck. When he is in battles, he makes a good effort to fight through, but with little success. Shows very good skating ability, using his edges to change direction and showing the acceleration to constantly push forward on the at- tack. His first-step quickness allows him to control the cycle and leave the opposition constantly chasing him around the zone. Likes to carry the puck around the offensive zone, which at times leaves you begging him to simplify things, but when successful, he forces the opposing defense to shift positions and really be on their heels. Doesn’t throw his weight around, although he doesn’t have much to work with. However, he is very chatty after the whistle. A Boston College commit who will need to spend just as much time in the weight room as he does in class. (May 2014)