Tanner Kaspick

Aaron Vickers

Kaspick plays a hard-nosed style and earns every opportunity he gets. He covers the whole ice, hitting hard, battling vigorously and being accountable. He is a reliable player off the puck and is constantly providing pressure. Kaspick seals off passing lanes with a tactical approach and consistently ruins breakout attempts from the opposition. He doesn’t have the stellar footspeed to create a ton of room for himself and, therefore, has adapted to jump on small windows of opportunity. Kaspick is usually not a flashy guy, but he has a heavy stick and can make the subtle skill play to protect and maneuver the puck while he is in motion. He passes the puck pretty well and dishes nice flat feeds for his teammates, usually without a lot of doubt lingering in his decisions. His shot is ideal for the area inside of the faceoff circles as he has the handeye coordination to get his stick on pucks quickly and get a shot on net. Although his shot is a little heavier than some from the perimeter, his sweeping-like release allows goaltenders a bit more time to read and react. Kaspick kills penalties and provides tenacity on the forecheck, providing the energy and character needed to squeak by in tight games. He has an intellectual understanding of his defensive assignments and is always competing. The biggest question is durability, as he has missed lengthy amounts of time in his WHL career due to injuries.  (May 2016)