Taggart Corriveau

Aaron Vickers

Corriveau is an offensive forward with slick hands and an attacking mentality. He is a very agile and quick skater with top acceleration and efficient strides that will only get more powerful as he puts on more mass. Not an elusive skater, but a smooth and very active player. He has very soft hands and he is able to maneuver through traffic while looking to make a play. He has some smooth one-on-one skills that he uses to protect the puck and wait for plays to open up. He often attacks the net and doesn’t often get knocked off the puck at this level. He simply exudes confidence with the puck and at times can just carry his team on his back. He loves the puck on his stick and possesses the hockey smarts to know what to do with it. He is a great passer, always crisp and on target. He possesses a quick shot release, but he sometimes shoots the puck right into the goalie’s chest instead of picking a spot to hit, especially when the defender pressures him. His back checking is something that stood out, as he was one of the first two or three back into the zone to pressure the puck and help out. His attitude for defense wavers depending on the game as some times he doesn’t seem to care much about helping out, instead working in the top of the zone and into the neutral zone waiting for a breakout pass. Committed to play at St. Lawrence University in two seasons. Will need added strength and improved consistency. (May 2015)