Stephen Harper

Aaron Vickers

Harper is a tantalizing blend of strength and goal scoring potential. He has decent speed, good rst step acceleration and strong balance on his feet. Has the tendency to look sluggish and not move his feet like he should in a lazy-looking stride unless a scoring opportunity is in front of him. He has good size and strength to hold off a defender, but gives up once he feels he is losing the battle. He shows ashes of aggressiveness and drive that make him dangerous and intriguing. He does a good job keeping the puck moving with simple passes and plays but can also make some creative passes when he is pair with higher skilled linemates. Harper has too many moments where he gets caught watching plays rather than reacting and gets caught at footed, standing still. When he drives to the net, he shows good balance in getting position and is effective at disturbing. He’s always a danger with the puck when deep in opposition zone; because you know that the puck is always just a split second away from the back of the net. He can get his shot off very quickly and knows how to get to scoring areas. Harper loves getting involved in the corners and deliver checks along the boards. This area of his game is also very hot or cold. He has some impressive skills that will have teams debating him but will need to improve the compete level and consistency in his efforts before he can think of a future pro career in the game. The bust potential here is real. (May 2013)