Stephen Desrocher

Aaron Vickers

A strong and physical two-way blueliner. He is a strong player who skates well considering his size. He can keep up to attackers with his smarts and reach. Could still use work on his transitions and foot speed. He has the size and strength as well as the willingness to play a physical, punishing game along the wall and in front of his net. He can be relied upon to play big minutes and not make those brain-fart decisions a couple times a game he did in his first season with the Generals. Shows good composure and poise when handling the puck, protecting it with his frame and reach, and getting it out of his own zone. Not a natural puck rusher who looks to take the puck and skate with it every chance he gets, but has shown more and more ability this season in that regard. Can make a strong outlet and move the puck up ice quickly. Has a strong shot but needs to improve his release as it takes some time to get that big windup completed. He does a good job to get his wrist shot through and with nice velocity. Has a very strong work rate and likes to be involved whenever on the ice. He has really shown loads of improvement in his overall game this season and offensively, especially in the OHL post-season. Partly due to confidence in himself and partly with only taking what is available in front of him, his simple yet effective game will be too much to overlook this time. (May 2015)