Stefan Leblanc

Aaron Vickers

LeBlanc is an impressive puck-moving defender with solid upside. He is a fluid skater who possesses good speed. He is a little slow in pivoting and needs to work on his backward skating. He skates exceptionally well when he has the puck on his stick and he protects it effectively. LeBlanc makes a good outlet pass and his timing is impeccable. He can receive a grenade pass from a teammate and quickly recover it. He gives a nice saucer pass that is in time and very accurate. His shot is a little weak while he is in motion, but he has a great one-timer from the point. He jumps in on the rush when he sees the time and space to do so. He gets shots and passes through small lanes in traffic. He is very strong on the puck and has great vision. LeBlanc’s weakness is defending to the outside as he gets beat by opponents who go wide with speed and drive the net because of his weak pivots. If caught in the offensive or neutral zone, he has the wheels to get back to break up scoring chances. He does a great job of tying up his man and maintains his composure under pressure. LeBlanc leads the breakout and does not stand still after making a pass, instead following it up and getting to open ice. He has some areas of his game to work on and strength to add, but the raw tools are there. (May 2014)