Stanislav Galiev

Aaron Vickers

A talented and ashy skater with moves to burn. Is a stickhandling wizard with great individual skills. A playmaker by nature, he loves the puck on his stick as he enters the zone and uses his vision and quickness to open up options for his linemates. Skates very well with impressive lateral agility and loads of explosive spunk in his step. Weaves in and out of traffic with the puck and pushes many defenders back on their heels because of his overwhelming speed and skill. Is not all offense all the time as he uses his quickness and smarts to play solid defensively in his own zone as well. He utilizes a quick stick to strip attackers and create a quick transition. A dangerous forward who is always a risk to create a scoring opportunity every time he touches the puck. Shot is weak and that with all his skills he often comes out of games with little to show production wise. Has a penchant for disappearing when physical checking gets too heavy. (May 2010)