Spencer Watson

Darren Walker

Watson is a natural goal scorer. A fast skater who can change speeds and direction in a heartbeat with balanced skates. Watson has quick hands and consistent- ly tries creative things with the puck. He can split through defenders and stickhandle in tight quarters while maintaining puck possession. Watson passes the puck well, but doesn’t always use his teammates. He uses lanes, no matter how small, to his advantage by passing the puck through or taking it on his own. He accepts passes very well, even when he is at top speed with- out slowing down. Watson supports his teammates along the wall and has a nose for the net. He is constantly driving the net for a scoring chance. With or without the puck, Watson sees the fastest lane to the net and he takes it. He has a great wrist shot with a lot of power behind it. His shooting is accurate and when he runs out of options, he is quick to put pucks on net. Watson doesn’t engage physically and avoids the gritty areas unless there is an easy out with the puck. He avoids checks with his lightning-quick agility, but this often results in him turning over the puck . However, Watson has shown he isn’t afraid to take a beating in front of the net as he hov- ers in front for a rebound. He does not put in much of an effort on the backcheck, though, but he does pick up his man when in the defensive zone. He needs to be more responsible defensively. (May 2014)