Spencer Martin

Aaron Vickers

Martin is a technically sound, butter y-style puck stopper who moves well laterally with strong leg push. He can get caught opening up too many holes when moving cross crease. He has good, quick feet and relies on solid positioning, aggressively challenging shooters and playing his angles well for the most part. He can, though, over-pursue and lose his far post at times. He has some solid natural size that teams will like. Flashes some good re exes when needed with solid flexibility and athleticism. He has had some issues with his blocker that will need to be worked on as he can be targeted in that area. He holds his glove in good position and ashes it to snatch pucks whenever they come close. When he drops into his butter y he has a tendency to stay too low in his posture exposing the top of the net. Some mental lapses have cost him this season, things like becoming over-fixated on the play and not the movement of the puck. He also could improve his leg strength, puck handling and as is the case with most young netminders his rebound control. Blessed with first round talent, the mental aspect is such a big part of a goaltenders game and Martin needs to focus on this area as he can get rocked by a soft goal and lose focus. (May 2013)