Simon Stransky

Aaron Vickers

Stransky is one of the pure offensive threats from this draft out of the WHL. His quickness, agility and ability to accelerate in short bursts allows him to play an opportunistic game at which he excels. His edge work is very good as he uses a lot of shifty maneuvers to turn tightly and stop to create space. He has good offensive IQ and is really good at finding quick lanes to feed his teammates. Stransky uses this same awareness to go unnoticed and show up in open ice for a look at the net himself. He has the touch to get pucks through traffic and the creative hands to dance around opponents when he has a step on them. He uses hesitation to buy a bit of time to open up lanes so he can execute on a play. Stransky plays a good open-ice game and is confident in his stick skills. Has a wrist shot that is most effective from inside the faceoff circles as his placement is the calling card. His play under pressure leaves a lot to be desired as he is a hazard to turn the puck over due to over-handling or letting down his guard and not protecting the puck. Stransky isn’t a guy who goes in and digs hard for pucks in the corners or along the boards consistently. We question the drive he has outside of the offensive zone as he does not show the same level of pursuit and drive to chase the play defensively. He positions himself high along the wall in the defensive zone and does not venture far from that point to provide support to his team. His physical game is poor and he has a hard time withstanding the rigors of a heavy game when he is on the receiving end. Stransky needs to work at limiting the sloppiness and show more drive while withstanding the physical grind. He’s got first-round offensive ability, but later-round intangibles.   (May 2016)