Shane Gersich

Darren Walker

Gersich is a solid player at both ends of the ice, giving a strong, consistent effort on each shift offensively and defensively. Gersich is a strong skater with impressive quickness and acceleration down the wing. He is agile and speedy, and able to get by pressure on the wing. Gersich sees the ice very well with the puck and has an impressive sense for who is where on the ice. He is an exceptional passer, with the ability to catch his teammates off the rush and from along the perimeter when he’s set up offensively. He makes a crisp, ac- curate pass, and works hard to nd lanes and to get the puck off his stick quickly. Gersich has above-average possession skills, but at times, he seems to be a little easy to push around. He can add some extra muscle to his frame. Gersich has a quick shot from the outside, and he will also work his way to the net for opportunities. Gersich is a gritty, hard-working winger who will do whatever is necessary to win space and get the puck. He is a decent board player, and has no fear of getting involved in a puck battle. Gersich supports his teammates well and has an effective hockey IQ with a strong awareness of where to be and when. Gersich makes a good effort in getting back defensively, and uses his speed and an active stick to break up plays on the backcheck. He covers the defensive zone effectively near the point. (May 2014)