Sebastian Collberg

Aaron Vickers

He has incredible speed and an incredible shot. He is very Phil Kessel-like in the sense that he likes to speed up the wing and unleash his lethal wrist shot. The shot of Collberg is a story in itself: With a seamless release from high speed, Collberg gets impressive velocity and often it goes right under the bar. It is not an exaggeration to say that he’s got a pro-level shot. His hands are very quick and he can cut through traffic, maintaining possession with different slick moves and dekes. He is a driven player who wants the puck on his stick and has the vision and offensive sense to be a game breaker. He skates very well, with good acceleration and a remarkable top speed, which helps him to beat defenders to the outside, or if the opponent takes a bit of safe distance, obtain the necessary room to get his shot off. He works hard to retrieve the puck to get another shot and finishes checks, playing the game in a high tempo. He is not afraid to get into the dirty areas; although, he lacks much impact due to his size. His speed, shot and great attitude will make him an attractive choice early, despite the lack of SEL point production at this point. (May 2012)