Sean Malone

Darren Walker

Malone is a responsible two-way forward with decent feet but will not blow by many defenders with his just average speed. He has decent mobility but lacks jump in his first couple of steps. He compensates by keeping his feet moving. He plays a very strong two-way game, is strong on the cycle and poised with the puck despite not having high-end dangles. He’s not overly physical but does use his body to protect the puck and earn space. His value offensively is seen in his ability to read the ice and distribute the puck, although many of the plays he makes are of the small space touch passes to open teammates variety. Malone isn’t a high end playmaker – the type to draw defenders in, slow the play down, etc. – but his ability is respectable. In terms of goal scoring, he’ll go to the crease area looking for pay dirt. He has a decent wrist shot that has a quick release and can put the puck away. He’s solid defensively as he consistently backchecks as well as applying consistent pressure to the offensive attack with back pressure. A pretty safe player- he’ll make the NHL because he is so responsible and dependable albeit it likely in a bottom-six/checking capacity. (May 2013)