Sean Day

Darren Walker

Day is an exceptionally smooth and mobile skater who has all the tools to be a top prospect. He has flashes with the puck as he possesses a nice set of hands and the ability to protect the puck with strength, fending off the check with his free arm while navigating through the opposition. We like his offensive ability and decisions to pinch, which do happen to come at good times as he reads the play well, but he hangs out too long down low when he should really pull back to his position. Day loves to drop his shoulder and/or whole body to deliver big checks; the problem with his checks is that he often takes himself out of position to throw them. Day’s passes are crisp on the attack and all come with very good timing. He has no problem skating it up ice, and even pushes defenders back as a result, but he often tries to do too much with the puck through the neutral zone and/or hangs onto it until it is too late to make anything tangible happen. In his own zone, Day can be a little too laid back. He has a bad tendency to ease off his check and needs to be much stronger on his man. He is the draft’s most polarizing prospect as some teams think he has high upside and only needs time and maturity to figure it out, while other teams would not touch the underperforming rearguard at all. Is he going to being anything more than a big-bodied, smooth-skating, inconsistent and head-scratching player?   (May 2016)