Seamus Malone

Darren Walker

The undersized center makes up for his smaller build with his sensational skill and high-end hockey sense. Malone is a swift-moving center with tremendously quick feet and elusive edge work. He changes directions quickly and escapes pressure nicely. He generates a lot of speed with the puck, and uses his skating ability and stick skills to get behind the defenseman. Malone has very good hand skills and creativity, and does a good job beating defenders and opening up space for himself to create scoring chances. He sees the ice extremely well. He has tremendous vision and awareness with great playmaking skill and sense. He finds his teammates very well with hard, crisp passes, and he finds success on his forehand and backhand when making plays with the puck. Along with his passing skills, Malone has a lightning-quick wrist shot with tremendous speed and power behind it. On the PP, he spends some time at the point, and will step in and rifle off powerful shots on net. Malone is small, but competitive. He works for the puck and puts forth a solid effort in his pursuit on the forecheck. Malone gets back defensively and when he gives a complete effort, he does an excellent job at shutting down opposing forwards. Malone is smart, quick-reacting player at both ends of the ice and became a very reliable player for the Fighting Saints during the season. (May 2014)