Samuel Montembeault

Aaron Vickers

Montembeault is an athletic goaltender who can make the big saves. He is athletic and exible, showing impressive extension, stretching out his body and getting across the crease quickly. Great use of his glove and is positioned ready for action. He gets set quickly, squares up shooters and is always ready for the shot. Covers much of the net with his natural size and is fluid in the butter y, dropping down and popping up quickly. Moves laterally quickly and efficiently. Intelligent net minder who anticipates plays and reacts very well with impressive coverage, especially down low. He makes it very difficult for shooters to get anything by him along the ice with his long legs and quick reaction time. He takes away an abundance of the net with his angle work and technique. On the negative side, he has a tendency to stay deep in his crease, but his ability to move side to side and his re exes make him a hard goalie to beat. He has a hard time picking the puck back up after he loses sightlines. At times he puts too much emphasis on deal- ing with players in his crease, and can get rattled by them. Needs to let his defense deal with that aspect and just focus on the shots coming his way. He enjoys playing the puck, and doesn’t try to get too cute, just makes simple plays to set it up, or short-range passes to his defense. (May 2015)