Ryan Zuhlsdorf

Aaron Vickers

Zuhlsdorf is a two-way defenseman who plays a pretty quiet yet effective game. He is not very ashy and if you are not specifically looking, you will most likely miss some of the subtle plays he makes that add up during the course of a game. He is a smooth skater with strong mobility, using his quick feet to get to where he needs to be. He moves exceptionally well laterally with and without the puck, allowing him to see more lanes and open up the ice. He moves the puck up ice well and can make a good, hard outlet pass. He does well to direct traffic up the ice and gets those forwards the puck in stride. Possesses quickness along the blue line, moving laterally or pinching down the wall to keep the puck in the zone. Has a hard shot but is too slow to pull the trigger, resulting in a few missed shooting lanes and hitting too many shin pads. In the defensive zone, he is very con dent and sure of his ability. His mobility allows him to quickly cut off the rush and not only force the play to the outside, but keep up with them out there. He has an active stick, taking away passing lanes and knocking the puck away. He also does a nice job of supporting the play in the defensive zone. He quickly gets open for a d-to-d pass, backing up his partner. We don’t see him being a pure defensive guy, but he is solid on the penalty kill, isn’t afraid to battle and has solid positioning. To us, he is just one of those calm and safe two-way guys that every team has. This future Golden Gopher won’t blow anyone away with end-to-end rushes but he’s smart and poised. (May 2015)