Ryan Pilon

Darren Walker

A two-way rearguard who does a bit of everything. He plays a composed and mature style
of game with his head up and makes smart and instinctive plays with and without the puck. He
doesn’t panic with the puck. He is sharp and smart with his pinches, showing a mature understanding
of what pucks he can get to and when he should step back and let the play come to
him. His vision is impressive. He is confident and poised in his outlets, displaying a very aware
sense of passing lanes and timing. He plays with a pro-ready type puck movement in the offensive
zone too, zipping passes back and forth along the offensive blue line with confidence.
He possesses a great slap-pass. As far as his shot goes, he has a quick release on his wrister
and a hard slap shot. His footwork isn’t super fluid and his first few pushes coming backwards
are a tad sluggish. We also remain cautious about his defensive game and overall intensity
throughout the game. He plays at a very “comfortable” pace, like he’s out for a skate with his
buddies. While his defensive positioning and stick work are only average, they haven’t shown
much growth over the past two seasons. His intensity is also rather lacklustre. Pilon has been
a highly debated prospect for FC all season. In one hand he has been effective in his role all
season but on the other his production might be partly attributed to the offensive team he plays
on. He doesn’t play with any desperation and his effort level leaves much to be desired. Despite
his good numbers, we just have too many doubts to rate him much higher.  (May 2015)