Ryan Murray

Aaron Vickers

Murray is a complete two-way player who is capable of playing any type of game. He is an excellent skating defenseman who displays a fluid stride and an elite level of ability to use skating as an offensive weapon. He likes to join the rush, or even lead the rush, carrying the puck. He has great foot speed overall and good lateral mobility defensively. He shows off great passing skills as he can both quarterback a power play or make simple and effective breakouts from his own end. He has a very strong point shot that has the velocity to beat the goalie clean, even when the goaltender sees it. His vision with the puck is second to none, both in transition and in the offensive zone. He has the uncanny ability of breaking pucks out under extreme pressure either by passing or skating them out himself. He possesses consistently good one-on-one positioning and excels when it comes to stick-checking. He does all the little things correctly that the average fan does not notice, such as smart reversing flow or getting himself open as an option to take pressure off his defensive partner. He blocks shots and uses his smarts to anticipate lanes and close them off quickly. He has a real influential presence on his entire team and is a leader who can both rally and calm his teammates when needed. He shows his work ethic both during games and at practice. (May 2012)