Ryan Murphy

Aaron Vickers

Offensive ash and dash. Uses his smooth fleet feet to get up and down the ice in a ash. Has great lateral agility and quickness that gives him the dash. A dynamic offensive talent who is a threat to go end-to-end each and every time he touches the puck. The draft’s best skater is blessed with a smooth strong stride which generates deceptive speed. Can turn on a dime and change pace or direction in a blink. Is an elusive skater who is hard to hit or even get a stick on to contain. Has some outstanding vision and anticipation which allows him to be an extremely dangerous passer as well as puck rusher. Has outstanding offensive creativity and will likely transition to one of the NHL’s top puck movers. Works hard and plays the game with re and intensity. Willing to throw his body around and has delivered some nice open ice hip checks this season. Has a bullet of a point shot that he gets off quickly and consistently puts on net. Defensively he uses his smarts, a quick and always active stick as well as solid positioning to hold off attackers as they enter the zone. Has game changing skills. Small and looks as though he is already close to a finished product physically with not much growth left. He is weak to ‘Is weak and it really shows when he is engaged in puck battles along the wall or when he tries to clear the area around the net. (May 2011)