Ryan MacInnis

Darren Walker

He plays a smart, skilled brand of hockey. MacInnis has good hockey sense, and sees the play develop well. He makes adjustments on the y that better his positioning and give his teammates an outlet. MacInnis has a knack for being in the right place at the right time. He has the ideal size and skating ability to be a real threat every time he is out on the ice. Whether he can show up to play on a consistent basis is the only concern. MacInnis possesses the same heavy shot his father did, and he uses it wisely. He res a lot of high shots trying to pick corners or low shots off the pads to create rebounds. MacInnis also has the hockey sense to be a solid playmaker. He is con dent with the puck, and isn’t afraid to carry it himself or hold onto it for extended periods of time in order to make plays, allowing them to develop. He cycles the puck effectively, and draws defenders to him before eluding them with a decent set of hands and his reach. Does not use his size physically like he could as he shies away from contact and conflict. At times, MacInnis seems disinterested in games, and this resulted in a number of inconsistent performances over the course of the season. When he is on, however, he plays a complete game and is impactful in all three zones. (May 2014)