Ryan Lindgren

Aaron Vickers

Lindgren, the U18 team captain, is an interesting prospect because he plays with such self-assurance, presence and physical edge. He skates with a wide base and is tough to knock off the puck. He has a very strong stride and gets up to speed quickly. He also moves well laterally and excels at slowing attackers down. Lindgren plays with an intimidating intensity. He throws his weight around like a wrecking ball and shows no hesitation when attacking loose pucks. While he is an aggressive defender, he is not a player who will fly out of position to attempt a big hit or takeaway, however, he does cross the line on occasion taking a penalty for being too aggressive. He is very smart in knowing when to pinch at the blueline, jump into the play or throw a hit. Lindgren’s smarts in positioning is a big asset in the offensive zone as numerous times a game he exploits backdoors in coverage. He’s a player the opposition is forced to keep tabs on. While we think he shows solid two-way potential, we don’t see enough to think he will be an elite point-producer at the next level. Despite being physically mature, his shot could use work as there doesn’t seem to be much pop off his release. Lindgren’s decision-making with the puck could also be a bit quicker as he can get hemmed up with the puck. Overall, we think that this kid has a lot of strengths that are tailor-made for the NHL. With his feet, strength and positional awareness, we see his potential to be a top-four defender at the NHL level.   (May 2016)