Ryan Larkin

Aaron Vickers

Larkin is a flexible stopper with exceptional positioning. Larkin is not the biggest goalie, but makes up for it with his athleticism and smarts. He anticipates the play extremely well and is rarely caught over-committing to the shooter. He has the ability to make acrobatic saves, and has a lightning quick glove hand. He does tend to play a bit deep in his crease, which is strange for a goalie of smaller stature and aggressive nature, but he does y out to the top of his crease to cut angles when shooters are in the slot area. He needs to continually play at the top of the crease to maximize coverage. His lateral movement is good, as he moves post-to-post quickly and effectively. He reads and reacts to the puck well, and controls rebounds, often pouncing on any loose puck in his crease before attackers even see where the rebound went. He ghts through traffic well, tracks the puck with great focus and is a very toolsy, resourceful goalie. He is not afraid to play unorthodox in the sense that he does anything to make the save, even flashing the odd Hasek-esque swimming saves when the situation calls for it. On the ip side, he also plays square in his positioning with a calm, cool and composed look, which makes us think his mental state is perfect for his position. Makes very good use of his blocker, positions it correctly and uses it to put pucks in the corner and out of harms way. We see potential in his game, and believe with the right development and he could be a NHL stopper. (May 2015)