Ryan Kujawinski

Darren Walker

Kujawinski is a strong, physical winger with upside. He skates well as he gets to his top speed within just a few quick strides. He has a good top speed and strong balance making him hard to contain and knock off the puck. He’s competitive and battles hard most shifts, using his size to his advantage in board battles and wins his fair share of them. He can handle the puck but will not dangle his way around defenses instead using his size to power the puck towards the goal. He shows good vision but not high end creativity in the playmaking department. He’s more of a ‘see a lane, make short to medium range passes’ type of player. He finds open ice and utilizes his heavy shot. The puck jumps off his stick so quick although he could sharpen up his accuracy. He has some untapped potential in the defensive zone as he will play gritty and shows a strong stick but needs to learn the correct positioning to be effective and be coached up in that regard. He goes through slumps where he does not keep his feet moving and pulls himself out of the play for whatever reason. Once considered a first round prospect, he had a very inconsistent year and has seen his draft stock take a plunge. He still could be a late developer who makes a team look brilliant if he can finally put it all together and live up to the potential. The weakness that has most concerned is his hockey sense or lack thereof. (May 2013)