Ryan Hartman

Darren Walker

Hartman is a versatile winger who can play it any way you want. He’s a highly effective and smooth skater, one who can make sharp cuts, uses his edges well and possesses good lateral agility. It does not take more than two or three strides for Hartman to get up to full speed. Both quick in small areas by compacting his stride and fast showing a decent separation gear when he lengthens his stride in open ice. He uses that speed and his tenacity to be a headache on the forecheck and keep aggressive pressure on the puck carrier. He has good hands and can carry the puck on the rush. Hartman’s not one to deke through defenders as much as he is to play a give-and-go to enter the zone and get into scoring position. He’s willing to take the puck to the net and look for the crash-and-bang type of goals as well as a shooting off the rush type of scorer. He’s very versatile in all facets of the game, as he has good vision and can set-up his teammates with surprisingly accurate and creative passing plays. Hartman plays the game much bigger than he actually is going up against stronger opposition utilizing a wide stance and a low centre of gravity against those larger opponents regularly beating them in. He’s great at protecting the puck with his loose arms or legs and fights through checks and draws penalties because of his forever moving feet. These qualities make him great on the cycle and he wins the majority of his board battles. He plays the game with a gritty, nasty and aggressive nature, getting into the oppositions face every chance he gets. He’s not shy to throw hits, slashes after whistles, bump goalies, whatever it takes. He gets his opponents off their game and thinking about him. He doesn’t just start it, either. He’s not one to provoke an opponent and then skate away as he will drop the gloves and shows decent ability in that area as well. He’s good defensively as he knows where to be and shows good awareness in that regard. Compete level is high and he is a hard prospect bet against. (May 2013)