Ryan Gropp

Aaron Vickers

Gropp is a hard skating and even harder shooting winger. He is a big kid who can push the
pace of the game, even capable of “taking over” for stretches. Powerful stride and ability to
transition quickly makes him a constant threat to get the jump on defenders. He has impressive
offensive vision and an ability to work with teammates. He is patient with the puck and doesn’t
force plays when rushed. Passing skills are on point for the most part, but not elite. His puck
skills and on-ice demeanor are strong. Gropp can dominate at times when he has the puck on
his stick. He can hold onto the puck for lengthy periods of time and hold off pressure with his
size or a misleading fake. Has a very heavy wrist shot with quick release that is accurate. Despite
what his size suggests, Gropp isn’t a guy who should be classified as a power forward. He
has a good presence in the slot and on the wall, but plays more of a skill game than a rough and
tumble style. Hitting game is decent, and doesn’t go over the edge aggressively. Defensively
he doesn’t always show the urgency to clear the zone or apply pressure, but tries to maintain
position and passively defend with his stick. He is a good team player, even though he can disappear
for stretches at times. But, when you look at the stats sheet, he has contributed.  (May 2015)